Colby Covington on Leon Edwards and Nate Diaz: “They’re losers”

The UFC welterweight, Colby Covington, smashed the “loser” Leon Edwards after beating Nate Diaz, saying “there’s no honor in beating such a guy.”

Edwards defeated Diaz by unanimous decision at UFC 263 in June, but while the Brit clearly won the first four rounds of the fight, most fans only remember the fifth round, in which Diaz shook “Rocky” with a great blow and was about to finish him off.


In the end, Edwards took the win and is now officially on a 10-fight unbeaten streak.However, speaking with MMA reporter James Lynch, Covington was asked his opinion on Edwards’ fight against Diaz at UFC 263, and he didn’t hold back, qualifying both fighters as “losers”.

«I wasn’t watching these two losers fightCovington said. «Those two guys were coming off losing. ‘Edward Scissorhands’ lost by DQ by hitting (Belal Muhammad) in the eye like three or four times and was warned backstage. He’s a loser, he’s coming off a loss, so he has to build that winning streak. And it makes sense to fight another loser like Nate Diaz »

When was the last time you won a fight? I think that Barack Obama was in the office the last time Nate Diaz won a fight. He’s a little lightweight from California, he’s just coming for some money and to get that money. There is no honor in beating a guy like that, the guy has had 10 years of his prime. I don’t give a damn, the fans don’t give a damn and obviously the UFC doesn’t give a damn because that was just a little preliminary fight they put on.


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