Colby Covington doesn’t understand UFC rewarding Masvidal for running away from him

Colby Covington still doesn’t understand why the UFC decided to give Jorge Masvidal the rematch against Kamaru Usman.

Usman beat Masvidal in a dominant unanimous decision at UFC 251. But considering Jorge took the fight on just a few days’ notice, a lot of people think we didn’t see the best version of Gamebred in July of last year. During an interview with Helen Yee, Covington claimed that people are on her side. In fact, he took up comments from Ben Askren who a few days ago pointed out that Colby deserved to fight for the title again.

“You know, Ben Askren and I have had our dispute. He has always talked shit about me in the media. We have exchanged some not-so-nice words in the past. But the fact that he comes out to show me support shows that I deserve the title fight more than anyone else. He knows that I have put in the hard work and he knows that Jorge Masvidal is afraid to fight me. If the guy ran away from me for six months and was afraid to face me, how do you reward him with another title shot? “

Covington is convinced that he has the support of the fans over Jorge Masvidal. Finally, he returned the courtesy to Ben Askren and expressed his support for his fight against Jake Paul.

“Has no sense. I think the fans are unhappy with that, based on their comments and their support for me. They want to see me back in there. They know that I will be the one to give the best show inside and outside the Octagon. I hope Ben Askren comes out and I knock out Jake Paul. I’m sick of hearing him talk. He’s just opening his mouth and nothing he’s saying makes sense. “

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