‘Colate’, Paulina Rubio’s ex, reveals that he took a course to be a better dad – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Intrelíneas

Nicolás Vallejo-Nágera, known as Colate, pointed out that by court order he had to take a course to be a better dad, this after the legal battle he faced against Paulina Rubio for the custody of his son, Andrea. The businessman pointed out that beyond being a punishment, the classes allowed him to be “calmer.

In an interview for the program Sale el Sol, Colate pointed out that taking this course left him with great satisfaction, but he regretted that some people considered it something negative. It is worth mentioning that in the program it was revealed that the businessman was sued more than 50 times and spent up to half a million dollars in said legal lawsuits.

“Very crazy things have happened like they made me take a dad’s course, but hey I did it and I was super happy to do it because it has left me even calmer and more peaceful than I was before, that is, that I have not had any problem, that other people dedicated themselves to spreading it as if it were a kind of victory or punishment, well, that already remains in each one. They forced me to do it, I did it, I fulfill my obligations that they impose on me and I was very satisfied to do it, ”said the ex-husband of La chica dorada.

Colate denied having any romantic relationship at this time, as he indicated that the photographs taken of him with a woman are not recent.

“It is not like that, there have been some photos with a good friend with whom I had a special relationship, but those photos are a bit old and that relationship too. To this day, as I am always riding alone. I have a somewhat complicated life to find love ”, he assured.

Information from: MILENIO