Coinbase wants to offer new cryptocurrencies like dogecoin

The announcement was made during the first quarter results presentation of the firm by its CEO, Brian Armstrong.

Coinbase has always been very picky about including new cryptocurrencies on its platform, but this time has decided to be more inclusive. Which opens the doors to new additions.

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As part of this turnaround, the incorporation of Dogecoin in your service within the next six to eight weeks. “Coinbase stayed on the sidelines this year as competing exchanges raised millions of fees as trading in dogecoin, a cryptocurrency that started out as a joke, exploded in popularity,” DiCamillo notes.

Other highlights of the presentation of results is that it also are changing their process for listing coins to include digital assets that have just been minted. In the future, the company will start listing so-called “debut” coins or cryptocurrencies that have just been minted and are seeing their first day of trading volume.

The company will evaluate cryptocurrencies in function of your safety and it is the first time they decide to incorporate volumeless digital currencies.

“We will have to do this in the future – be the first to list some of these coins,” said CEO Brian Armstrong.

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