Codemasters to remake Dirt 5’s haptic vibe on PS5 despite no criticism

The British study states that they are not happy with the result and are preparing an update.

DiRT 5

Dirt 5 is one of the launch games in the PS5 catalog but, as is often the case in the industry lately, it seems that those responsible for the game are not entirely happy with some aspects. Fortunately, the updates exist. And that’s what it will include Codemasters in the driving arcade, which will soon add tweaks focused on haptic feedback from the DualSense.

The decision is internal, since Codemasters are not happy with the resultDavid Springate has confirmed this in an interview with the GameOnDaily medium (via GamingBolt), ensuring that they still have to do some tweaks in the PS5 version of the game, since they are not entirely happy with the haptic feedback of the game. The funny thing is that it says that have not received criticism in this regard from users, but they are not satisfied internally and intend to touch it up. In the last update they also did some tweaks with the adaptive triggers.

In the interview, Springate assures that she has read that many people want the PS5 version mainly for the haptic vibration. The creative claims as a regular on the game’s Discord channel to receive the player feedback And, for the experience to be full, despite the fact that the specific function of the DualSense has not been criticized, the British study is not happy with the result and they intend to remake it, although they do not indicate when it will be available.

Dirt 5 is available on PS5 from now on, accompanying the arrival of the new sony console in all the remaining world territories, including Spain. If you want to know what the game offers, beyond the sensations with the vibration of the controller, take a look at our analysis. Codemasters, the company responsible for the game, was acquired just a few days ago by Take-Two Interactive.

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