COD Black Ops Cold War, a brutal show

COD Black Ops Cold War is another of the games that, by release date and scope, has been released in both generations simultaneously. But it is also one of those that has taken advantage of the Next-Gen the most.

Power to cascoporro

Activision has created a monster capable of going at 120 frames per second in X series, if you have a screen with a refresh rate of 120hz. The same frames per second as Gears of War 5 in its multiplayer.

In addition, the resolution is 4K and it has Ray Tracing. This crowns a production that spares nothing at all to put on screen a macro show more typical of the latest blockbuster than a video game. But do not forget that we are talking about a Call of duty, a franchise that has acquired legendary status over the years and that takes nothing for granted: each new installment tends, with few exceptions, to break the standards of spectacularity.

The Cold War

In COD Black Ops Cold War we are placed in the shoes of an elite team that works in the shadows to carry out operations under the orders of the Reagan government. Thus, we will face terrorists, armies and police of the presumed enemies of democracy, while we travel to places like Vietnam or Germany on missions in search of information to be able to secure the next step or to hunt for man.

I haven’t tried multiplayer yet, but the Campaign mode of COD Black Ops Cold War It’s looking sublime to me In its characteristic linearity, it is capable of creating an ecosystem of overwhelm, spectacularity and fast-paced action on 50 square meters of scenery. And it is that there, in those 50 meters, the Call of duty shine like Iniesta in a Japanese dribbling on a tile: it is insuperable.

Of the most spectacular of Series X

In the natural quest to find a game with which to hesitate to colleagues with the new console, in this case X series, COD Black Ops Cold War it becomes one of the best options in terms of newly released titles. If you are a fan of the franchise, or simply looking for a game that makes you open your mouth to the ground and reminds you why you bought the new Xbox even though you already had the One X, COD Black Ops Cold War it should be on your shopping list.