Multipurpose and durable: these are two of the most important characteristics of the famous Cocottes, the pots made by hand by the French brand Le Creuset, which have become their flagship product in their repertoire of household items. But what are these types of cooking utensils? It is a pot or casserole made, for the most part, with enameled cast iron It withstands high temperatures and suitable for all types of heat sources, including use in the oven. They come in various shapes and sizes, for numerous recipes according to the different elaborations and also depending on the food we use. Its manufacturing – where decades of tradition and a lifetime guarantee – are your best letter of introduction.

This time, from EL PAÍS Showcase we selected a total of ten Coccote products (including a batch of four small saucepans for a single diner) with associated discounts, in some cases, of more than 30% discount or with savings of over 80 euros. They are an ideal alternative to renew this type of articles and try a household item of the best quality that will facilitate the cooking process, from the stove to the table. Remember that the shipping is free from 40 euros and, in case of return, You have up to 15 days of deadline.

Lot of four Mini Round Cocottes from Le Creuset

What makes the difference: Cook on the stove and serve directly at the table.

With a 20 cl capacity and a diameter of 10 cm, this set is made of stoneware ceramics. They are suitable for use in the oven, microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator. They offer high resistance to shocks and do not absorb odors or flavors. Thanks to its exterior aesthetics, it is a way of bringing our elaborations with a touch of distinction to the table. This batch of Cocottes are sold blue-green tones, although if we prefer them in pink tones we can also get them at the same price. Both colors have a metallic bathroom on the outside. 20% discount, save 15 euros.

Buy for € 60 at Lecuine

Cocotte Le Creuset

What makes the difference: Ideal size for day to day.

Cast iron body, enameled interior, diameter 22cm and a capacity of 3.3 liters. The classic among the classic ones. A must for all those who they start in the Cocotte universe. With a height of 15.2 cm, it can be used in any kitchen (including induction ones). A perfect casserole for stews, long-term and low-temperature cooking. But you can also try cakes, breads and much more. You can buy it up to seven colors different. 31% discount, save 75.95 euros.

Buy for € 169.05 at Lecuine

Cocotte Hex

What makes the difference: Limited edition.

A piece addressed to the collectors of the Cocotte world. Its design is inspired by Japanese culture. This exclusive model has a hexagonal decoration printed on its contour. It is suitable for the oven and also for all types of kitchens and is marked in the Zen Kitchen collection: where you will find teapots, traditional Japanese pots, spoons, bowls and accessories to complete the kitchenware. 5% discount, save 14.95 euros.

Buy for € 284.05 at Lecuine

Cocotte Evolution rounded 24 cm

What makes the difference: Ideal for a family between 4 and 5 people.

With it you will make any stew or stew without problems and you will be able to make the most delicate sauces over low heat. This use of fire favors energy saving, on the one hand, and on the other the preservation of nutrients and vitamins in food. It has three new features compared to the classic Cocotte: it has larger and ergonomic handles, a metal knob (you can use it in the oven) and a lid with an improved fit. 10% discount, save 25.50 euros

Buy for € 229.50 at Lecuine

Cocotte Evolution rounded 30 cm

What makes the difference: Its 6.7 liters capacity.

Ideal for elaborations where up to eight people gather around a tablecloth. It is one size bigger than the previous model, with almost seven liters of capacity. Its tempered enamel interior makes it more durable, keeping the color intact and also favoring cleaning. It is suitable for all types of cookers, including induction ones. 10% discount, save 31.50 euros.

Buy for € 283.49 at Lecuine

Cocotte Marmita Gourmet

What makes the difference: Its rounded base is very comfortable.

Are you a lover of rice, soups or legumes? Preparing them takes time and it is always good to have the best kitchenware in the preparation process. This model of kettle is made of cast iron, a good conductor of heat that together with the shape of the base and its walls make the temperature spread evenly. It has a capacity of 4.9 liters, a height 8 cm and a diameter of 28 cm. The interior is enameled in black. Its size is ideal for between 4 and 6 servings. The color of the kettle is cream, which gives it equal sobriety and elegance. 30% discount, save 83.70 euros.

Buy for € 195.30 at Lecuine

Cocotte oval with lid 27 cm

• What makes the difference: Ideal for oven cooking.

It is a variant focused on preparing, both on the stove and in the oven, whole pieces of chicken, lamb, sirloin, roast beef, ribs and many other foods. It is the excellent alternative to those traditional pots where, due to their size and characteristics, this type of recipe does not always look so good. In addition, this Cocotte features a more polished design, a stronger enamel coating and its oval shape makes it more ergonomic. 5% discount, save 12.95 euros.

Buy for € 246.05 at Lecuine

Low Profile Round Cocotte

• What makes the difference: Very versatile.

Made of vitrified cast iron, it is a good alternative for cooking rice, paellas or seafood without forgetting the pastry: cakes, quiches and all kinds of desserts. It has a capacity of 3.2 liters and 30 cm in diameter And, thanks to its size, we can store food both in the fridge and in the freezer. It can be purchased in cherry color and also in gray. 10% discount, save 25.50 euros.

Buy for € 229.50 at Lecuine

Cocotte Every in navy blue

• What makes the difference: Includes a ceramic stoneware top.

A very particular design to cook rice or cereals at their ideal point, reducing times without losing their flavors and textures. Thanks to its height, the concave bottom and its domed inner lid we can cook countless dishes such as soups, creams, fried foods, sauces, stews or curries. You can reach temperatures up to 240ºC. its height is 23 centimeters, its diameter is 18cm and its capacity reaches 2 liters. 20% discount, save 39.80 euros.

Buy for € 159.20 at Lecuine

Honda Balti Dish frying pan

• What makes the difference: The best value for money.

Inspired by the gastronomy of northern Pakistan, this is a piece to cook curry dishes quickly and very aromatic, in the most wok style. It keeps the same Le Creuset manufacturing and operating system (cast iron with enameled interior) and can be used in gas cookers, ceramic hobs, induction and also in the oven. It has handles and has a flat base. Has 24 cm in diameter and up to 2.7 liters capacity. Its weight is 2.3 kg. It can be purchased in volcanic and cherry colors. Now, with a 5% discount.

Buy for € 132.05 at Lecuine

Non-stick and multipurpose: the best Le Creuset frying pans with a lifetime guarantee

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