Netflix has released this Monday ‘The last dance’, a documentary series on the life of Michael Jordan. The first two chapters have not left anyone indifferent, and have served to corroborate the image that the former basketball player had of being a person who took great care of their habits as an athlete.

04/20/2020 at 17:44


Alex Carazo

The American has explained one of the facts that surprised him the most early in the NBA: “I had a preseason event. I was in a hotel trying to find my teammates. I start knocking on doors. I come to one, knock and say it’s me. So they open the door, I go in, and practically the whole team was there. And there were things that I had never seen in my life. Cocaine streaks on the one hand, marijuana smokers on the other, women… “.

Jordan affirms in the documentary that he left there so that they could not involve him also in those acts. “The first thing I said was, ‘I’m out.’ The only thing I could think of was that if they came, I was just as guilty as everyone else.”

In addition, during the first two chapters of the series he has also assured: “I didn’t go to clubs, I didn’t smoke, I didn’t use cocaine and at that time I didn’t drink either. I was just looking to get some rest and be fine to play basketballSo, one of his teammates in the first season at the Bulls, Rod Higgins, he states: “Whatever the rest have been doing off the court, whether it’s partying or whatever, Michael was not part of it. Orange juice and 7-up were his favorite drinks

One of the examples of that life so carefully and dedicated to the sport that Michael Jordan led was in the preseason of the 1995-96 campaign, after his first retirement and his time in baseball. The NBA star prepared thoroughly during that summer and led the Chicago Bulls to the 72-10 record throughout the season and won both the Season MVP and the Finals MVP and the All Star MVP.