Coalitions denounce that ‘La Migra’ without prior notice has transferred 22 detained immigrants to other centers outside of NY

According to the complaint, many detainees are given as “disappeared.”

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A group of organizations that make up the New York Immigrant Family Unit (NYIFUP) project pointed out this Friday that since January 1 of this year the Immigration and Customs Control Service (ICE) has transferred to other detention centers, without notice to families, lawyers or support networks, to 22 immigrants detained in the city.

The transfers have been registered, according to the complaints of various coalitions and activists, from the Big Apple to detention centers in other states of the country including Louisiana, Alabama and Pennsylvania.

“President Biden promised to reverse the draconian immigration practices of the previous administration, but instead has allowed ICE to randomly move our clients to facilities across the country, without notice,” he explained. Sharone schwartz NYIFUP attorney and the Federal Practice Unit with Immigration Law at ‘The Legal Aid Society’.

As detailed in a request letter to ‘Immigration’, spokespersons for these coalitions describe that in many of these cases the detainees seemed simply having disappeared, and deportation officers refused to answer reasonable questions from attorneys about the whereabouts of their clients.

In addition, correctional officers have disseminated “inconsistent” information among detainees about mass transfers, especially in the Hudson County Correctional Facilityactivists report.

“By transferring detained immigrants without notice to unknown places, without explanation and by refusing to provide information, ICE has made people disappear from their families, lawyers and communities ”, said Sophie Dalsimer, supervising attorney for the NYIFUP practice of ‘Brooklyn Defender Services’.

Dalsimer argues that these processes are “inhumane” and these transfers aggravate an already distressing and dehumanizing experience for the immigrants who are incarcerated.

“ICE must stop these transfers immediately and release all detained immigrantsHe cried.

Coalitions ask for accounts

The petition and complaint were joined by ‘The Legal Aid Society’, ‘Brooklyn Defender Services’ and ‘The Bronx Defenders’, New York City advocacy organizations that provide free legal representation to detained immigrants, as well as Make the Road New York (MTRNY) and A local, groups that also provide legal advice through Rapid Response Legal Collaborative (RRLC).

Meanwhile, Luba Cortés, Coordinator for the Defense of Immigrants of MTRNY noted that it is alarming that ICE continues to refuse to provide clear information on members of the recently transferred community.

“It is unacceptable that this agency, which has a history of inhumane treatment of immigrants, continues to cause harm in our communities and continue unaccountable. We demand transparency and the release of all immigrants detained right now ”, he concluded.

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