Another case of coronavirus has affected MMA. One of the most important trainers in recent years, Dede Pederneiras confirmed that he contracted the virus and takes due care to recover as quickly as possible.

The leader of Nova Uniao, talked with Combat about the disease.

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Bom dia a todos! Fiz o teste da Covid-19 e deu positivo. I am here, I am complying with my regulation at home, and I have the greatest concern at this time and we will continue our campaign of arrecadação, because the most underprivileged could not be satiated by a MOMENTÂNEA medical band, but it is not a war that we are dealing with, to feed the least favored. Regardless of us being unable to go to the country, our army of ATHLETES AND COLLABORATORS will continue to distribute basic baskets to us with marked hours – and assuming that they are freed, I will be back in front of you, buying and distributing food FOR TOGETHER WE HAVE COME TOGETHER THAT WAR. Every week I have gone to the bank to pull or extract to loan accounts from campanha. Unfortunately, that week I would have to post or extract from my cell phone (or that I do not like to do because I do not show or do not value the André Pederneiras Institute together), but also that I was freed to leave, I will go back to post or I extract as a fazendo . O motto da minha vida semper foi LUTANDO PARA VENCER, e não will be different now! I am very obliged to everyone who is donating and helping those people who are in need of some form.

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“Fifteen days ago I felt chills for two nights in a row, but nothing more. My youngest son woke up with one swollen eye, and another had diarrhea. I began to believe that my family, being at home, could have contracted the disease from being on the street solving school issues, shopping and distributing food. I decided to do the tests, I am with the virus, but I do not have immunity now. The same day, I quarantined my room, “ Dede He stated that the institute continues to work, even without him, which is in quarantine.

Thinking of keeping the project running so that the beneficiaries of his actions are not affected, the coach of Jose Aldo explained the current situation of the institute.

“I did the COVID-19 test and it was positive. I am fine, fulfilling my isolation at home and my main concern at the moment is to continue our collection campaign, because the least favored cannot suffer needs, due to a momentary medical leave in the middle of that war that we are trying to feed the least favored ”, explained the coach.

Pederneiras, is one of the people responsible for the success of Jose Aldo in the MMA, currently has 53 years.