Also part of the teaching profession was unable to carry out their work. (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

The National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE) rejected the hybrid model that the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) raised a few days ago, to start the 2020-2021 school year, since it assured that there are no conditions for children to carry out their classes.

Given the conditions of poverty in which dozens of families live in the country and due to the economic crisis that unleashed the COVID-19 pandemic, the CNTE recognized that there is a large number of infants without internet access or they simply live in places far from the city where there is no possibility to connect.

« Not only students, but part of the teaching profession was also unable to carry out their work during the confinement stage due to the computer equipment shortage, since in their communities there is no possibility of accessing the internet, ”said teachers.

In a guidance document to the base of section 9 in Mexico City, the CNTE also stated that the majority of children do not correspond to the methods of remote work and in no way substitutes for face-to-face work in the schools, with the interaction between teachers and students.

The CNTE highlighted that some students do not have sufficient financial solvency to carry out this model. (Photo: pixabay)

« The measures of virtualization education to respond to the needs imposed by the health crisis; We do not agree with virtual and distance education, which with the denomination of hybrid they intend to impose in the following weeks ”.

He stressed the difficult task to which some infants were presented during the confinementBecause many families do not have sufficient financial solvency to carry out school activities.

In this sense, teachers also warned that this model is even « discriminatory and exclusive ».

The face-to-face classes will not start on August 10 as it would have been proposed. (Photo: Cuartoscuro) (Moisés Pablo /)

For this reason, he stressed that there must be new alternatives to implement the education strategy, which allows students to build meaningful learning in accordance with their context.

And is that a few days ago, the owner of the SEP, Esteban Moctezuma Barragán, announced that the little ones will start the next school year under a new approach based on the hybrid model, where both distance education and face-to-face education are present.

During a virtual meeting with the National Council of Educational Authorities (CONAEDU), assured that the 2020-2021 school year will start both in person and online depending on the progress of the pandemic in each of the entities.

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Students took online classes during confinement. (Photo: Pixabay)

Currently, there is no entity with a green traffic light, so if this continues, no state in the Mexican Republic will resume the classroom classes on August 10 as previously stated.

« We will all be fully aware that the pedagogical approach to the future is with a hybrid modelwhere we have face-to-face and distance education in each of the state and even municipal educational systems, ”said the head of the SEP.

In addition, he recalled that all the students completed the 2019-2020 school year at a distance and applauded his work.

« Most of our students, both in basic education and in upper and upper secondary, followed the learn at home program and a very important online job, » he said.


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