The National Commission of Markets and Competition, better known by all by its initials CNMC, just published a sanction to five operators for the improper use of the 902 numbers. These sanctioned operators promoted an economic benefit to the companies that contracted these lines, this number being a “smart number” in which the consumer pays all of the call. In fact, it is considered a serious infraction because the regulation does not allow companies to receive part of the amount of the call that the consumer pays. We give you all the details after the jump.

Numbers 902 always generate controversy. Calls to these phones are usually not included in the flat rates for minutes or unlimited calls. This makes its cost similar to that of an interprovincial call if we call from the landline, but the call price from mobile networks skyrockets. To give us an example, a 5-minute call from a Movistar landline is 0.56 euros, but from a mobile it jumps to 2.82 euros. These numbers were not designed for companies to make a profit, which has led to the following sanction.

Misuse of 902 numbers

The CNMC has sanctioned five operators for offering companies the contracting of 902 lines in exchange for a economic benefit. In this case, the sanctioned have been Vodafone Spain, Orange Espagne, BT Spain (currently “Evolutio Cloud Enabler”), Xtra Telecom (Grupo MásMóvil) and Alai Telecommunications Operator. All of them have been for not respecting the regulations that expressly prohibit the remuneration of companies that hire this “smart number” in which the consumer pays the entire call.

The facts go back between December 2016 and May 2019, although they vary in time depending on the operator. In all cases, they represent a serious infringement of the General Telecommunications Law, since it implies non-compliance with the conditions determining the attributions and the granting of the rights to use the resources included in the numbering plans.

The penalties are as follows:

Vodafone España, SAU: 37,000 euros Orange Espagne, SA: 39,000 euros (already subscribed) Xtra Telecom, SA Unipersonal: 5,400 euros (already subscribed) BT España, Global Telecommunications Services Company (currently “Evolutio Cloud Enabler, SA) : 72,000 euros (already paid) Alai Operador de Telecomunicaciones, SL: 13,800 euros (already paid)

In summary, we should stick with it expressly prohibits compensation to the subscriber (or company) that contracts the number 902. For this reason, consumer associations have been fighting for years a battle against the use of 902 in customer service.