CM Punk criticizes WWE’s decision to continue with Wrestlemania 36 despite the coronavirus pandemic

CM Punk believes WWE was wrong not to postpone the biggest event of the company

The first night of WrestleMania 36 is just hours away from its broadcast. The former WWE champion, CM PunkHe spoke to The No-Sports Report that WWE will still hold the event this weekend, noting that he feels he Vince McMahon it’s just stubborn.

Vince is being stubborn

“I know that the WWE board of directors is upset when I talk about it, but I think there should be some kind of speech, there should be a conversation about it. If you look at what is happening with the MLBThey talk about changing the opening date of the championship. »

Punk commented on how fighters would feel in a situation like this, and how some talents may fear their health in this pandemic situation.

“I think it is something completely strange”
“I heard a lot of rumors about who is sick and you have all these fighters, whether hygiene rules have changed or not, they are going to be afraid to work, then someone sick will appear and they will infect someone else, and this is how the coronavirus works.
Instead of being a leader (referring to Vince) and taking over and saying, ‘Hey, you know we reprogram this, let’s refund all of their money.’

Punk continued:

“Continuing with the event was not the right decision.”

That is, ‘Don’t cancel it, schedule it for another date. But are you still going to do it? Well that’s not what I would have done.
Are you doing two days instead of one? Okay, that’s not what I would have done, but it’s okay. And then, on top of that, they pre-recorded things. So I’m sure there are all kinds of spoilers, what’s the incentive to even watch it?

Punk also spoke about the perception that his views always seem to be negative, but in reality, he feels that he says what nobody in the company is encouraged to say.

“I know a lot of people think I only see the negative in the company.”
But I also think I’m one of the few who talks about it. Everyone else wants to put a positive spin on it.

Many say ‘We want to put smiles on people’s faces’ If we were all honest with our opinions and said something about it, it would only be a different point of view.

If someone gets mad at my opinion, I think they have bigger fish to fry and maybe you should worry about that. “

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