On June 27, 2011, John Cena faced R-truth, the best-known in the world made Cena lose his hand, CM Punk took the microphone he said and released his legendary PiPe Bomb that just a few days ago were fulfilled 9 years since it was made.

WWE On BT Sport uploaded a graphic asking fans to choose 3 promos, and the rest would be erased from history.

CM Punk says his Pipe Bomb is the best in WWE history

The Pipe Bomb was very popular and even became a trend for a short period. Where people who are not familiar with the Pipe Bomb are worrying.

Punk responded to the chart by ranking as follows for which they are the best: Dusty Rhodes’ Hard Time promotion, Stone Cold Steve Austin’s 3:16 and the one he conducted in 2011.

She also praised AJ Lee as she was the only woman on the list.

Hardtimes, pipebombshell, Austin 3:16 Remarkable @TheAJMendez is the only woman on this list. She is very good! ”

It was what Punk put in the tweet.

It is currently unknown what happened to Punk’s future since WWE Backstage has ended. His return to Vince’s company is not clear, while he is happy with what he does commenting on what he thinks from social networks.

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