Clues suggest that Microsoft may be making purchase offers to studios

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The purchases of video game studios had not been as much to talk about as in recent months, when Microsoft began to take a great interest in increasing its catalog of internal studios. As a sample is the acquisition of Bethesda, the most important made in the video game industry. Despite the considerable expense, Microsoft remains open to purchasing even more studios and is apparently making multiple offers to various studios.

One of the main problems that Xbox users have noticed on Microsoft consoles is that exclusive titles for these platforms are not abundant. The company is aware of this and one way to address this is by strengthening its internal studio lineup, which it recently bolstered with Zenimax Media, Bethesda’s parent company.

Well, Microsoft is still not satisfied, but has already made it clear that it is willing to buy more and apparently continues with this mission, as the relatively reliable informant Brad Sams assured that many studios are receiving purchase offers and could come from Microsoft.

“There is a lot of money flowing around video game companies right now, several are getting multiple offers. I’m not sure when or if any of them will go through, but video game IP valuations are going up, ”said Brad Sams.

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Major independent studies could be on Microsoft’s radar

It is clear that Sams does not specify which company these “multiple offers” come from, but it is important to note that he is recognized as one of Microsoft’s main informants and has provided details about the company on several occasions that are later confirmed.

This of course has given much to talk about to fans of the video game industry, who are even already imagining what the next Microsoft acquisition could be. Some think it could be Asobo Studio, the French studio that is currently in charge of developing Microsoft Flight Simulator. Others suggest the company could buy Sumo Digital, which has worked on several company-exclusive games, such as Crackdown 3, which has supported other companies, such as Sony, recently with Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

Also, many are thinking again about Techland, a company that rumors suggested would be Microsoft’s next target. However, the Polish study has mentioned that it will remain independent and dispelled the rumors of being acquired by Microsoft. We will keep you informed.

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Although the purchase of Bethesda, Double Fine Productions, and more studies could reveal that Microsoft’s negotiations have always paid off, the truth is that it has not, since at some time it tried to buy Midway, Squaresoft and even Nintendo, something that the Japanese company was amused. You can find more news related to Xbox Game Studios by visiting this page.

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