According to the English press, some clubs in the Premier League they acquired their own coronavirus test to carry out the tests among their players and other personnel amid the fear of being forced to play behind closed doors. It has been admitted by Brighton Chief Executive Paul Barber, although he has denied that they have large amounts of the evidence that is so difficult to obtain and that they only did so to «protect the National Health System».

“First of all, we were able to buy a very, very small amount, which is why we have used them sparingly,” admits Paul Barber, CEO of Brighton, a team that plays in the Premier League and where two positive cases have already been confirmed. by COVID-19. “We buy them to protect the NHS (National Health System of the United Kingdom), since we do not want to load them with elite soccer players that are being analyzed », some statements that the Daily Star newspaper collects.

“The reason we made the decision to have a small number for our own use was because, at any time in the past few weeks, we have been waiting to have to play behind closed doors », Barber says.

According to the aforementioned media, Brighton would not be the only club that obtained its own tests to detect coronavirus infection, so important and difficult to obtain for countries. However, Barber denied that they had large quantities of them stored. “No. I can only speak for our club, but we have a very small amount, “he says. «We have used them sparingly, and only when the players have shown specific symptoms ”, he concludes.