Clubhouse suffers its first data breach problem

A user was able to filter conversations from different rooms to an external website.

The trendy social network, Clubhouse, suffered its first data breach, despite being a private platform and to which not everyone has access.

Like any new social network, the data leak controversy has reached the Clubhouse audio service, forcing it to implement « protection measures » to prevent other leaks, according to Bloomberg.

The aforementioned media explains that the platform had problems with a user who created an external site which allowed access to Clubhouse conversations.

Vulnerability in Clubhouse

Reema Bahnasy, a spokeswoman for Clubhouse, confirmed to the US media that the platform « permanently blocked » a user last weekend. The user is accused of streaming audio from different Clubhouse rooms.

After this incident, the platform has implemented « security measures » so that these types of leaks do not occur again.

The decision was made shortly after researchers from the Stanford University Internet Observatory (USA) pointed out that the Chinese government could access Clubhouse user data.

The point is that Clubhouse depends on a startup based in Shanghai, which is called Agora Inc, which has raised doubts and concerns about the privacy of the platform.

For its part, Agora said it « does not store or share personally identifiable information » for any of its clients, of which Clubhouse is only one.

« We are committed to making our products as safe as possible, » said the Chinese company.