Club Toluca: Hernán Cristante’s message to his players after the defeat against Club Santos

The Red Devils of Toluca consummated their sixth game without knowing the victory in the present Closing tournament 2021 of Liga MX, when they fell as a visitor to Santos Laguna in the action of matchday 15.

In a press video conference at the end of the game, the coach Hernán Cristante He affirmed that the squad has had recurring errors that have hit them on the scoreboard and in the final result in the matches.

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“Today was an intense match and I can’t say that the team did it wrong. But this has happened to us many times as if we were waiting for someone to do something and that doesn’t happen on the pitch.”

“When this happens you should not despair and that happened in the last two games and it led us to error. When the situation is like this we have to go back to the bases, which put us in the foreground,” he said.

In addition, the Argentine strategist has begun to warm up the match of matchday 16 of the Liga MX against the Eagles of America, making it clear that they will seek to fight one of the best teams in the tournament.

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“The result was terrifying, it was not like the game. With what we have, we have to fight one of the best teams and then close the visit. We are not dead at all,” he explained.