Club Tigres: Miguel Herrera includes his son-in-law in the coaching staff

Even though a few days ago Ricardo Ferretti he last appeared as a coach at the facilities of Tigers, the feline board has not announced its next trainer, which is an open secret, Miguel Herrera.

It was said that the arrival of ‘El Piojo’ was conditioned, since several media reported that one of the points included in the offer was that he did not include his relatives in the coaching staff.

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However, according to the column of ‘Tap Filtering‘, Herrera convinced Mauricio Culebro, who did not entirely agree with that idea, indicating that during their stage in which they coincided with América, there were some attitudes that he did not like about Miguel’s’ son-in-law’.

“In the talks, Mauricio Culebro did not fully agree that Escobar was on the coaching staff; and it is that during the time they met in America, the leader was not very satisfied with some practices of Piojo’s son-in-law, as it was done notorious for his tardiness and other issues, but which were covered by Herrera, since for the strategist the family is always first and Escobar is married to his eldest daughter ”

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It must be remembered that during his last tournament with Club América, they spoke of the complicated relationship that some team members had, precisely, with Miguel’s relatives, so it was one of the points that Tigres sought to address, but it is known that the Mexican strategist is someone who looks after the family and would not leave this situation like that.

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