Club Puebla. “We must start adding three”: Aguilar

Edgar González

Puebla / 02.23.2021 20:39:49

Although the team has begun to take some regularity, already under the seal of the new coach, Nicolas Larcamón, the midfielder of Puebla de La Franja, Daniel Aguilar, assured that the squad works in its desire to stay on an ascending line that allows them to achieve better results in the short term.

« We are very clear about our idea of ​​the game, we know very well what we have and what we have stopped doing, to continue on that path that we know we have been playing and doing well, whether at home or visiting, we always seek to impose our style and We know that the results have been favorable but we must start adding three « .

The above in digital conference, where Aguilar Munoz also revealed that after the analysis made of the previous comparison with Queretaro, everyone is clear about the points to correct for their next commitment, with the assurance that the adjustments made during training will bring benefits in their next affront to him. Necaxa.

« In operation we have been very good, in the previous game we were imprecise but we were superior in the match, we have to continue on that path, work, we know what we have to improve and face Friday with the greatest conviction to get the three points « .

Likewise, he acknowledged that although within the campus there is the tranquility provided by the performance shown, also they know that it is necessary to increase the sum of points in the general classificationHence, each match is taken with measure and with due seriousness, so now they are focused on their next rival.

« We are calm, we have been playing very well, we have done a great job, we know that we have to start adding three points and more in this part of the tournament, but calm and focused on the next game. »

Precisely on the rival in turn, Daniel highlighted that the hydrocalids are characterized by being a squad that presses against the opposite at all times, which is why The fringe will try to assert its status as a local, where the bet is to leave the three units as they recently achieved before Braves.

« We know that Necaxa is a strong rival that puts a lot of pressure on us, what we have to do is translate our idea of ​​the game and take advantage of the home, we always have to get the three points from home, » he concluded.