Club Puebla: She is Daiana Cubilla, Antony Silva’s wife

Goalkeeper Antony Silva has become one of the revelation players in the Puebla Strip in his first tournament in Liga MX, taking the place of the veteran goalkeeper. Nicolas Vikonis who left the club.

The goalkeeper born in Asunción, Paraguay, has shown to be one of the best goalkeepers in Mexican soccer and having his wife Daiana cubilla as his great motivation under the three posts.

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The beautiful Paraguayan is a lover of the sport of Crossfit, sharing her great secrets on social networks, of how she keeps in excellent physical condition and wearing great beauty.

Antony Silva and Daiana Cubilla are the parents of a boy and a girl, who in each game in the Puebla Strip wear the shirt supporting the South American goalkeeper who is two games away from playing the final of the Liga MX in Closing tournament 2021.


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