Club Puebla: Nicolás Larcamón recognizes his players after reaching the semifinals

The Puebla Strip has prevailed in local condition by a score of 1-0 to the Rojinegros del Atlas, to advance to the semifinals of the Closing tournament 2021 of Liga MX by the criterion of the position in the general table by aggregate of 1-1.

In a press videoconference at the end of the game, coach Nicolás Larcamón highlighted the performance of each of his players, giving them the merit of being in the lead up to the final in the tournament.

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“You feel pride above all things. And great enthusiasm, we believe a lot in what we are capable of. 11 years ago I was 25. I don’t remember (what I was doing), but I didn’t imagine that I would be sitting here. Today they deserve to play. the semifinal giving free rein to all the illusion. But it is also important to maintain the temper and the mystique that brought us here, “he said.

Regarding the arbitration issue in the series against the Guadalajara, the Argentine strategist confessed that he only asks him to be fair in their markings and not to complicate the development of the matches in the rest of the league.

“I do not ask that they give us things away, but that they just not complicate us. I am satisfied with what the arbitration was throughout the championship, with failures like all of them. It leaves me calm that we could reverse it. It was logical that there were doubts because they did not know me. But it is also valuable. Beyond any doubt, I appreciate the respect they have shown me along the way, “he declared.

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