Club Puebla: Nicolás Larcamón does not lower his guard at the moment they live in the Clausura 2021

The Puebla Strip has become one of the teams that has surprised in the present Closing tournament 2021 of Liga MX, by staying in the fight for direct league positions in the tournament.

In a press videoconference at the club’s camp, coach Nicolás Larcamón affirmed that the team has shown great potential in the tournament, but they remain firm not to lower their arms.

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“We have been showing and discovering the circumstances of the matches and we remain calm, we did not lose shape, we have reached a draw or turned the games around, we have to be clear that it is not the ideal to go at a disadvantage,” he said.

In addition, the Argentine strategist made it clear that the most important part of the Clausura 2021 tournament is coming and they have to continue to focus on maintaining the same pace of play in the next matches.

“The tournament is at a time when everyone is competing for important things, the requalification increases the number of teams that fight for important things, we know that between now and the end of the tournament they will be decisive,” he said.

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