Club América: This is how Panchito Hernández, legend of the Eagles, hired his reinforcements

Talk about Panchito Hernandez at Club América is to remember the great signings made by the millionaire team in the seventies and eighties, when the azulcrema team covered itself with glory by adding a large number of titles in Mexican Soccer, being responsible for the arrival of players like or Carlos Reinoso, Antonio Carlos Santos, Héctor Miguel Zelada and Daniel Brailovsky, the latter, who revealed how Panchito signed him in the 1983 season.

In an interview with the journalist Javier Alarcón, the Russian Brailovsky recalled the day when Panchito Hernández went to Argentina in search of a star of the Albiceleste National Team and by chance, ended up signing him, who was a complete stranger with the Independiente .

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“Panchito comes to Argentina first and he doesn’t come looking for me, he wanted Ricardo Gareca, today a coach of the Peru National Team; El Flaco was a phenomenon, big, great header, good stride, he played for one of the most important teams in Argentina, which was Boca Juniors, Panchito saw him two, three, four games; He didn’t like something and he asked if there was another one, and he asked Flaco Poletti if there was another, and he said yes, The Russo Brailovsky from Independiente.

The Russian commented that in that game he scored a hattrick, leaving Panchito Hernández impressed, who continued to watch him during other games with Rojo, where he again had outstanding performances, so he hooked the America scout, but his negotiation it was just about to begin.

The Russian Brailovsky believed that he would be signed by América de Cali.

“When they told me after a while that they saw me and that the people from America wanted to talk to me, I thought it was the one from Colombia, I didn’t know there was an America from Mexico, in Argentina we didn’t know about Mexican football, we didn’t know it.

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The beginning of the negotiation.

The Russian said that Panchito Hernández’s approach was a bit strange, because the azulcrema visor ‘invited himself alone’ to a dinner at his house, which would be prepared by the footballer’s wife at the request of Panchito himself, something that seemed very peculiar, but that was only a strategy of the Mexican, who wanted to know details of the personal life of the player he wanted to take to the Nest.

“Panchito invites me to dinner and I tell him, ‘Perfect, where do you want us to go?’ Yes, ‘Well, let him cook for us.’

Brailovsky commented that he talked with his wife about Panchito’s proposal and she accepted without problem cooking for the Americanist manager, who made several questions to the Russian’s wife, because they wanted to know about the soccer player’s environment, to check the social circle and the environment where they developed as people.

“Later I found out that they had gone to my neighborhood, to meet and see what my father and mother were doing. I found out in the neighborhood that they were asking about how I behaved, until in the end they decided that we were the ones they should bring to Mexico.

“The man was wanting to know things and that if I did not respond to what he wanted, he was not going to give himself that opportunity that we were already smelling that he was very close; The man needed to know how we handled ourselves, how long we knew each other, who we dated, what we did, when we went to the movies. The man, seriously, began to question us, but ended up being entertaining, because his seriousness contrasted with what we were, young people.

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Brailovksy recalled that it was not until he arrived in Mexico City that he learned the magnitude of the team he had reached, because people contacted him, through Argentine acquaintances, told him that América was owned by Televisa, the most important communication company. important in Latin America.

“It was unconscious, we found out when we were here, we started talking when we were in Mexico, some of them explained to us what (El América) meant. Once they tell you all that, you say ‘I was not wrong, it can be very good, but on the other hand you say, I cannot be wrong “, said the Russian.

Who was Panchito Hernández?

Francisco Hernández was born in Toluca, State of Mexico, on January 16, 1924. He was a Professional Soccer player and selected with Mexico in the 1950 World Cup.

In Mexican Soccer, he is best remembered for his management as director of Club América between 1968 and 1996.

In addition to his famous signings, Panchito Hernández is credited with discovering jewels from the Azulcrema quarry such as Juan Antonio Luna, Alfredo Tena and Cuauhtémoc Blanco.

Panchito was the ‘great eye’ of Club América, as he analyzed in detail each player who came to him as a prospect, following the track for a whole year and watching them play live for at least four games, two at home and two away, to find out how they perform under the pressure of playing in someone else’s yard.


Panchito prioritized the human aspect when making his hires, as he evaluated every detail of family and sentimental life and the environment in which the players developed.

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