Club América: This is how Emilio Azcárraga ran a champion from the Eagles in full celebration

Former player and legend of the Club América Eagles, Daniel ‘The Russian’ Brailovskand, he related in an interview with the journalist Javier Alarcón, one of the most tense and sui generis moments that he lived in his fleeting passage through the club millionaire, because in full celebration for the championship of the 1983-1984 season, Emilio Azcárraga Milmo, owner of the club and Televisa Group Back then, he ran one of the first team footballers.

In the story, the Russian Brailovsky preferred not to give the name of that player who Azcarraga Milmo dared to throw in the middle of a celebration, where there was also the presence of women and alcohol, according to the now analyst of Fox Sports.

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“I am going to tell you an anecdote but without a name. We are champions against Chivas, we beat Chivas in the final, and they throw us a party, without our women, in one place, let’s all go, there are women, fuck it, suck it, whatever you want. At one point the man (Azcárraga Milmo) arrives, all of us sitting down, keeping our mouths quiet, and after he spoke and congratulated us, he pointed a finger at a player and said: ‘You don’t play with America anymore,’ the Russian.

“He had found out that this character did things that he should not do in the tournament, understanding what he represented or the institution he represented, and that guy who played a lot with América and was champion with América, did not play anymore”, sentenced.

Although he did not give names, in that season few footballers of the cream club left, highlighting the withdrawals of Javier Aguirre, Gustavo Echaniz and Héctor Tapia, the latter the one who ‘meets the profile’ that the Russian suggests, as Tapia had serious problems with drinking and physical abuse of his then partner, actress Merle Uribe.

At the time the story was kept secret, but once they were separated as a couple, it was revealed that the footballer used to mistreat the actress, to the point that on one occasion he fired a shot to the ground to threaten her, that shot hurt her leg to Uribe.

“I don’t know if he was cured, but Héctor Tapia, the father of my children, was an alcoholic, he went with friends and I was not willing to wait three days for him, that was one of the reasons why I left him,” he said. the actress in an interview.

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Who is Héctor Tapia?

Tapia was a Mexican soccer player who made his debut at Cruz Azul in 1977, arriving at the nest of América in 1981, remaining until season 84, just after the Eagles won the final against Chivas.

After his departure from América, Tapia played with Necaxa, Atlético Potosino, Puebla and Irapuato, a club with which he retired in 1989.

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