Club América: Solari forgets the refereeing for the return vs Portland Timbers

The Eagles of America will receive this Wednesday, May 5, the visit of the Portland Timbers for the return of the quarterfinals of the Concacaf Champions League, in a tournament where the Coapa they have suffered a lot from arbitration, an issue that Santiago Solari preferred to leave in the past.

At a press conference prior to the return of the Concachampions, Solari assured that they cannot get “stuck” in the arbitration failures that could have happened nor can they make judgments without having played the game, so they only concentrate on raising the game against the Timbers looking for a place in the semifinals

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“We cannot always be looking at what happened in the previous game to focus as if that was going to happen again. I think it is unfair to play whatever is to come compared to the above “

Regarding the game, Santiago Solari assured that they will go with the best they have to give the Concachampions the value it deserves, thus raising the level of competition.

“We want to give prestige to the competition, to give the best of ourselves as a club and as representatives of Mexico. We try in each of the matches and the qualifying rounds to do our best so that the show is the best possible

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