Club América: Santiago Solari surprises at El Nido with ‘European’ preseason

Club América is already installed in their camp in the United States where they already had their first practice before starting their series of friendly matches on the Águila Tour as part of their preseason prior to the 2021 Apertura of the MX League.

Before this, the creams had a week of training in Coapa, where Santiago Solari He surprised his players with a European-style methodology, which not only focuses on the physical part as is traditionally customary in the early days.

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“Day by day (Santiago Solari) explains the sessions to us and what he is going to work on. The truth is that it is a very different preseason, I think it is in their style, in the style that is handled in Europe and that the professor and his coaching staff have.

“It is a very beautiful preseason because almost everything is done with the ball, the physical effort is with the ball and I believe that the ball is the most important thing in football. It is a new, beautiful preseason, very prepared, we are very happy these days and for the friendly matches that are coming to start and start the tournament at 100 “, expressed Mauro Lainez to Club América.

The previous tournament, Solari arrived in Mexico a week before the start of the competition. Now he works in the United States. The team trains in Salt Lake City, where on July 4 it will meet against Santos Laguna.

He reiterated that the azulcrema box was designed to be a champion, a debt that they drag.

“I see the team very excited, wanting the tournament to start to get us that thorn from the previous tournament.

“The League and the ‘Concachampions’ are coming and we want to be champions in both tournaments, that is the idea and what we are going to try to convey to the players who join us,” Lainez mentioned.

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