Club América: Santiago Solari praises ‘Chucho’ López and justifies the minutes he gives him

The coach of the Eagles of the Club América, Santiago Solari, has Americanism in love with the team’s game and the recent results, since in the League they add 9 consecutive victories, however, not everything he does is celebrated by the fans, because They agree with the time on the court given to Jesús ‘Chucho’ López.

Santiago Solari, in this 2021 Guardians, has given Chucho López 265 minutes of play and in 3 games he has started as a starter, which the fans do not like, so the Argentine coach justified the player’s minutes.

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He has trained very well, he trains very well. He is a boy who competes well whenever he has to, who gives his all and I respect that type of player a lot. It gives us its quality and gives us its commitment and effort. It is one more piece in the establishment and that adds its part so that this group is competitive ”. Solari said.

López, who has already exceeded the minutes played with Miguel Herrera, adds more minutes in this tournament than players like Giovani dos Santos, Nico Benedetti, Alan Medina and Jesús Escoboza.

“He has given us many things this season. I do not like to talk about individualities because it seems to me that all footballers deserve respect.” Solari acknowledged.

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