Club América rejected three offers from Fulham for Guillermo Ochoa

What was not will not be…. So it happened to Guillermo Ochoa in the distant 2010, when the Fulham of England formally bid for his services, making up to three offers for the Club América youth squad, which were rejected by the Azulcrema board of directors, at that time headed by Yon de Luisa.

According to information revealed by journalist Ignacio Suárez, Fulham of the English Premier League would have sought the hiring of Guillermo Ochoa after a recommendation from Juan Carlos Padilla, an agent close to Alistair Mackintosh, general manager of the English team, in addition to another recommendation from the former coach of the Mexican National Team, Sven Goran Eriksson.

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After going to see Guillermo Ochoa, the Fulham manager sent Padilla with an offer of 1.2 million pounds sterling to get the letter from Paco Memo, which was rejected by Club América, asking for an increase in the offer. to set it at 1.5 million pounds.

América’s proposal was accepted by the English team, who returned with the counter offer with the amount requested by América, finding an unpleasant response, since the Eagles had changed their requests and were now asking for 4 million pounds, a figure that was out of the question. of the budget for the signing of Ochoa, who was close to ending the contract with the creams and who would also occupy a foreign place in the English league.

Despite the annoyance of the English club, Padilla made a last attempt to reconcile the negotiations, going personally together with Ochoa to England to meet with the managers, who sent a new proposal, requesting Ochoa’s loan in exchange for 500 thousand pounds and with 4 million purchase option, which was categorically rejected by the cream directive.

Fulham no longer insisted on Ochoa, who ended up leaving America to play with Ajaccio from France, leaving the Eagles without a fifth, as the goalkeeper emigrated as a free player.

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