Club América: Miguel Layún talks about his problems with Guillermo Ochoa Will they make peace?

Miguel Layún will return to the Nest of Club América for the Opening 2021 of Liga MX, returning to the club of his loves and from where he left a few years ago to fulfill his dream of revenge in Soccer in Europe, although now he will do so in a climate of uncertainty, according to the sports press, since his relationship with the azulcrema dressing room is doubt due to an alleged enmity with the captain Guillermo Ochoa.

Friends in the Mexican National Team and in its previous stage with the Club América, Ochoa and Layún they were antagonized by sports media due to a ‘break’ in the controversial ‘brunch’ in New York.

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On this issue, Layún made his situation with Memo Ochoa clear, clarifying that he has no problem to clear up with the Aguilas goalkeeper, with whom he refused to have any enmity.

“With Memo well, there was a lot of speculation about that statement and people do not even know for whom it was addressed. I accept my guilt because I was not clear, it has nothing to do with any player, I spoke directly with who it was, I sent it because I received a rebound message and I did not like it, I lacked clarity and I assume responsibility for not saying directly who it was addressed to, ”he commented in an interview for Fox Sports.

Layún thanked the opportunity to clarify the alleged lawsuit with Ochoa, ensuring that he maintains a good relationship with the goalkeeper, as they have many things in common, auguring a good atmosphere in the America’s dressing room, as he will be willing to collaborate with the Azulcrema captain to add to the team.

“How nice to have the opportunity to clarify that my statement had nothing to do with Memo Ochoa, we share many things in common, we love the subject of gaming, there are other things that we think differently, but we have the facility to express what we think, in On the subject of Memo, I am planning to be the captain and give him everything he can offer to continue adding to the team, “Layún said in La Último Palabra.

After winning the 2019 Apertura Final with Monterrey against Club América, the player accused betrayal by some characters in the Mexican National Team, a message that many took as a hint for Ochoa, with whom he attended that brunch in New York in September. of 2019.

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