Club América: Miguel Layún launches ‘recadito’ to Jorge Sánchez after his arrival at the Eagles

Miguel Layun, recent reinforcement of Club América for the 2021 Opening of the MX League, launched a letter to Jorge Sánchez after his arrival in the Eagles squad, assuring that he is a great player to whom it is not necessary to teach him anything, especially because he is a footballer made.

At a press conference, Layun hopes to be able to teach Jorge Sánchez positive things in América towards the 2021 Apertura, especially how to handle the criticism of the American fans against him because of his performances with the team in the last tournaments after that. final loss against Rayados de Monterrey in the Apertura 2019.

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“Jorge is a made player, he doesn’t need anyone. He is in the national team, he is probably in Qatar and the guy does not need anyone, but as far as I can I will try to help him so that he can enjoy with people because he is a father to enjoy your hobby, then I would beat him 24-7 if he did. you need. ”, he said.

“I hope I can teach him things so that he can overcome what is happening to him, whatever is useful if he takes it or if not that he discards it, and really I am also one of those who take care of my people, Jorge for me should feel something else probably the one I should feel. ”he added.

“I am going to stand shoulder to shoulder with him whatever is necessary for him to overcome that, to support him, he has all the footballing capacity to overcome it and I am going to contribute what I can, because he deserves to live another type of coexistence with the fans of America. ”, he concluded.

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