Club América: Miguel Layún commits himself to a small patient fan of the Eagles

Tremendous the gesture that the player had Club America, Miguel Layún, with a little patient fan of team azulcrema who sought to reach the Azulcrema side through social networks so that this and other players from the Eagles they will stamp their signature on a club shirt.

Through the Twitter account @bancodetapitas, the child was presented as Marvin Olaf, 13, who is fighting a battle against cancer and wants to fulfill the dream that the players of America will sign his Eagles jersey.

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“This time we present our friend Marvin Olaf, 13 years old and fighting cancer, whose dream is that his great idols @Miguel_layun, @ federicovinas98 and @AlanMedinaC from @ClubAmerica sign his shirt,” they tweeted.

Of the players tagged in the publication, Miguel Layún was the one who responded first, assuring him that as soon as he returns to Mexico City he will look for him to fulfill his wish, because at the moment the Eagles are already in the United States doing preseason.

“If you tell me how to find it, we make it possible to sign the shirt !! We are going to preseason, but coming back, count on it!

The side of the Eagles has been open with the Azulcremas followers, because before taking the flight to the United States, Layún gave a few seconds to the fans of America present at the airport, taking some photos and signing articles, although he made it clear that He was unable to speak due to team-imposed rules due to the pandemic.

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