Club América: Jorge Sánchez fights with an Eagles fan after defeat against Pachuca

After the defeat of Club América against Tuzos del Pachuca in the Ida de los Quarterfinals of Clausura 2021 from Liga MX, the side of the azulcrema team, Jorge Sanchez, He would have had a lawsuit on social networks with a fan of the team who insulted him through private messages.

The fan of Eagles He attacked Jorge Sánchez for his bad game against the Tuzos and on social networks he ‘boasted’ the insults he launched against the player, in which he included the player’s family, a situation that annoyed the player and responded in the same way.

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Chin …. to your bitch mad … pu # & / bast …. of shit% & /, I hope you leave the team, 9u70 trunk.

With your pin … retarded nose and your old woman, the c …. square.

A ch. to his mother, pin … player of sh ….. You are not worth to chin .. to your mother … son of ….,

You don’t deserve to be on the team, just like your brat dog.

“When you say see you. Don’t be shit … son of your p … mother,” Sanchez answered.

On Twitter, the user shared the screenshot of the alleged conversation with Sánchez and the vast majority of Águilas fans floored the Americanist follower, considering that he had made a mistake in launching these insults at the player’s wife and son.

Sánchez has been one of the most noted players in America for an allegedly low level of play and against the Tuzos del Pachuca he is accused of being responsible for the third goal of the Hidalgo, because he ‘surrendered’ in a play by the band that ended in the annotation that made the series more complicated.

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