Club América: Federico Viñas is not happy in El Nido and launches a letter to Solari

From getting everyone excited about the Club América fans to being ‘erased’ by the Argentine coach Santiago SolariThis is how the 2021 Liga MX Closing Tournament has been for the Uruguayan forward, Federico Viñas, who has not enjoyed the opportunities that he could previously have in the azulcrema team, since now he has only played 265 minutes, spread over 11 games.

Viñas has only missed 2 games this season, but in the rest of his commitments, he has only played more than half an hour in 2 matches, while in the other 9, there are 4 commitments with 10 minutes or less.

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Solari gave him the title on Matchday 2 and 3, matches where the Uruguayan went blank and from then on, his participation has been on a drip, as he played 31 minutes in the next 3 commitments, even before missing 2 games for muscle discomfort.

Viñas’ return on Matchday 9 was more anecdotal than anything else, since he played 1 minute against Tijuana, and from then on it has been used as a change in the final minutes of the next 4 matches.

With 1 goal and 1 assist, Viñas seems to demand more time on the field of play, because this weekend he published a message that seems to be directed towards his coach and the environment he is living in this semester, showing his annoyance and disagreement.

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face,” Mike Tyson posted Viñas.

In the demanding, uncertain, volatile and complex world of sports (and in life), persevere hoping for the best, prepare your mind for the worst and accept what comes … but do not resign yourself “complement.

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