Club América ‘erased’ Luis Romo from the field in the Clásico vs Cruz Azul

The match between the Eagles of Club América and Cruz Azul ended in a one-goal draw and although the Machine looked slightly better on the field, it was a match without much action and few arrivals that ended with two goals from penalties.

Part of Cruz Azul not being able to play a game at will, was that Club América ‘erased’ Luis Romo from the center of the field and they did not allow him to play comfortably.

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According to the Statiskicks site, Luis Romo was the player who lost the most balls in the entire game, because between the defense and the midfield of the Eagles, they stole 14 balls from Romo.

The containment of the Machine has become a key piece for Juan Reynoso and when Romo does not give his best game, Cruz Azul suffers to achieve victory.

Fortunately for the Machine, despite the bad play of Romo and other key players such as Orbelín, the match was tied and they will continue to lead one more day.