Club América: Chilean journalist ‘busts’ Nico Castillo for making fun of Colo Colo

The Chilean forward of Las Águilas del América, Nicolás Castillo, unleashed controversy in his native Chile, after mocking the defeat of Colo Colo, a team that was thrashed 5-1 after presenting 7 casualties due to COVID-19.

Castillo, on social networks, joked with the result of the Club and placed a hand with a laughing emoji, which provoked the ire of the Chilean journalist Cristobal Guarello, who blew it up.

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“He should worry about getting his career back and showing solidarity with his co-workers. He’s not in a good time right now and no one has laughed at that. But no wonder. The weird thing was that he spoke well.” Said the journalist from Radio ADN.

Nico Castillo, former U Católica player, Colo Colo’s eternal rival, has always shown that mischief with the Colo Colo club, since he feels sports hatred for the team, however, the situation of casualties due to Covid and his mockery, it was what made the journalist angry.

Nico has been without activity for more than a year, which is why the journalist asked him to worry about his career.

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