Club América: Carlos Tevez or Rubens Sambueza? Which booster would be more expensive

A little over a month after starting the Liga MX 2021 Opening Tournament and with more than two weeks since their elimination in the previous tournament, the Eagles of Club América have not made much noise in the current summer transfer window, officially announcing only the signing of Miguel Layún.

The secrecy and passivity with which Santiago Baños, sports director of the creams, has aroused the annoyance of the Americanist fans, which has made effervescence with the rumor that recently began to spread on social networks, with the possible arrival of the Argentine forward Carlos ‘El Apache’ Tevez.

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Although it is only a rumor that arose among fans, the American fans have divided opinions about this possibility, arguing that the Argentine’s age would make his signing less relevant, in addition to occupying a valuable position as an Unformed player in Mexico.

In addition to seniority, the Eagles would have to take care of a millionaire salary for a figure of the stature of Carlitos, who at 37 years of age was still collecting 2 million euros (47.9 million pesos) in Boca Juniors, with whom he has 6 more months of contract.

The fans have woven theories to ‘fit’ Tevez’s transfer with América, even pointing to a possible exchange for Roger Martínez’s token, a bet where the Eagles would lose many millions of dollars.

Due to the advanced age of the Apache, some fans have mentioned that the return of Argentine Rubens Sambueza would be a better bet, who with the same 37 years has proven his validity in the MX League, being one of the figures of the previous season, registering 10 assists and 4 goals.

In his last season with Boca Juniors, Tevez only registered 4 goals and 3 assists in 17 games played between the Argentine League and the Copa Libertadores.

According to unofficial figures, Sambueza would charge a million dollars, just under half of what Tevez would charge.

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