Club América: Bruno Valdéz recognized his low level in the Clausura 2021

Bruno Valdéz, defender of the Eagles of Club América, analyzed his performance in the past Clausura 2021 Tournament and acknowledged that he was well below his level because he did not arrive in good physical condition.

In an interview for TUDN, Bruno Valdéz stressed that, after his injury, he did not arrive at a good moment at the beginning of the Clausura and it was difficult for him to adapt to the rhythm of Santiago Solari’s team.

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“Looking at the numbers cold, it wasn’t right yet. I was little adapting to a month, to the way the teacher wants to play and the boys told me that I needed a preseason to be able to live up to the level of demand that is required and today I already feel like nothing “

Valdéz also spoke about the demands that there are for the azulcrema team, because from the beginning of the championship they know that, if they do not win the title, it will be a failure.

“If we don’t get a trophy, it’s like a failure. We know the demands of the club and we set ourselves the goal of winning each tournament.

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