Cloudflare Shows How It Will End Hated CAPTCHAs Forever | Technology

Is there anything more hated on the internet than modern CAPTCHAs? According to ClodFlare, Humanity loses 500 years a day solving CAPTCHAs. It is time to finish them off.

Surely you have had to solve something similar dozens of times: you enter a website, try to download something or view a PDF document, and a window appears with boxes where you have to touch the buses, the zebra crossings, or the damn traffic lights.

And not once, but up to 5 or 6 times. If you make a mistake because an image is blurry, start over. They are the hated CAPTCHA, which are used for the web or internet service knows that you are a person and not a bot trying to access the content.

Before, it was enough to write certain numbers or words, but artificial intelligence has become so clever that it can now solve these CAPTCHAs. That’s why now the ones you have to touch on objects are used, but they are incredibly annoying and boring.

Some websites eliminate CAPTCHAs by offering a login option, but if you have to identify yourself with your email account, fingerprint or face, privacy and anonymity is compromised.

Cloudflare, the popular internet service famous for its private and secure DNS that many people use instead of Google’s, proposes a simple, fast, and private solution: a technology that calls Cryptographic Personality Certification. In simpler words: show that you are human, without revealing how human you are.

This requires a hardware device. At the moment it only works with the security keys YubiKeys, HyperFIDO keys and Thetis FIDO U2F keys, but in the future it will work with any FIDO key, as well as a simple mobile.

Currently these security keys are used to identify yourself on sites without using a password. But Cloudflare uses them to remove CAPTCHAs.

These keys have a touch sensor or button, and that is what is used to show that you are a human. They are for sale on Amazon with prices starting at 35 euros.

Using a software called Cryptographic Personality CertificationWhen a CAPTCHA appears on the screen, simply insert one of these keys into the PC or mobile, and touch the button or sensor.

The CAPTCHA will recognize you as a human, with the difference that it does not save the IP address or any type of personal data. It only receives a data string that shows that you have pressed a button or a sensor, but without indicating anything else.

These protective sleeves prevent unwanted payments on contactless cards that use RFID or NFC. Thieves will not be able to charge by bringing a reader to your purse or purse.

It is not a perfect system, because as The Verge explains, some experts say that a mechanism could be made for the bot to press a button on a security key when the CAPTCHA asks for it. But it will make life easier for humans.

At the moment this technology already works on some North American websites. If you have one of these keys, you can try it right now on the test website that Cloudflare has prepared.

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