Cloudflare comes to Ethereum to offer decentralized web services

American web services and computer security company Cloudflare has entered into an alliance with the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to operate the domain and offer decentralized services. This is a significant approach that would make web domains distributed on blockchains scalable.

The association will serve to make the domain names of the ENS and the Interplanetary File System (IPFS), a P2P protocol alternative to HTTP, more accessible. The transition in the gateway service between both entities will take place next Monday, January 18.

The IPFS is an open source project for the distribution of content on the Internet that aims at a new decentralized model. The intention of the protocol is to do without large data centers so that information is shared in a distributed way.

ENS reported yesterday that both parties have been working together for more than 1 year and that the announcement is the formalization of a process that began in 2020. In addition, the domain service clarified that it’s not just about using a pre-existing Cloudflare tool, but the deal goes further.

ENS system operations directorENS system operations directorBrantly Millegan, ENS COO. Source: ENS.

“We have been working with Cloudflare for the last year to help them develop their own ENS + IPFS gateway service, and on January 18 we will be pointing our DNS domain to their new service. This will not only provide better uptime and scalability, but all sites accessed through the service will now have HTTPS, “said Brantly Millegan, COO of ENS in a statement.

Users will now be able to add the .link extension to the end of an .ETH name to access IPFS websites without the need to use special browsers or other extensions. As an example, ENS cited the case of anyone using MetaMask, Opera, or another ENS + IPFS-enabled browser visiting the website almonit.eth /.

In case of not using any of these special tools, the person can see the web page adding the .link at the end, which would leave the access link as to connect to domains hosted in the ENS.

The new partnership between Cloudflare and the ENS highlights the interest that exists in large Internet corporations for advances in distributed and decentralized solutions. It is these principles that many projects of the bitcoiner ecosystem exhibit or those that are executed on the Ethereum network, for example.

“At Cloudflare Research, we have been exploring alternative ways to resolve queries to responses that align with these attributes. We are proud to announce a new resolution for the distributed Web, where IPFS content indexed by the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) can be accessed ”, was part of the message that the company published on its blog this Wednesday, January 13.

Remember that the Domain Name System (DNS) allows assign names to Internet IP addresses to facilitate navigation. However, this mechanism is centralized. In the case of the ENS, the same domain can index different types of information such as plain texts, emails or cryptocurrency addresses, according to a report released by CriptoNoticias.