Just a year ago, Cloudflare launched WARP, a free VPN service for smartphones, with apps for iOS and Android. With WARP we are not facing a VPN to relocate connections and being able to simulate that we connect from another point, in the style of Getflix or NordVPN.

Now, the company has just announced that WARP will also come to macOS and Windows, the main desktop operating systems, and it will do so in a beta version, after stating that “millions of people have secured their mobile Internet connections.” The final version of WARP for smartphone was released in late September.

Linux on the horizon

Although the company has mentioned that macOS and Windows will be the first operating systems it will reach, ** they also affirm that Linux is next on the list **, and that as soon as they manage to launch the first, they will pay attention to creating the third version. As a curious fact, Cloudflare claims that 10% of its employees use Linux on their laptops.

But what can we expect from the WARP desktop client? First of all, that like the version for mobile devices, also be free. Second, it must be as efficient and fast as those, with the security that end-to-end encryption provides. For this, it will also use the Wireguard protocol, with which they promise that “we will be safe from being spied on by our ISP”.

The first users who can enjoy WARP on desktop will be those who already pay for WARP +, which is priced at 4 euros a month on Android and 5.49 euros on iOS. The main advantage over ordinary WARP is that it brings more speed to the connections. In the future, WARP + will allow adding discounted devices, but it will not be free to use the Premium service on desktop. To enjoy WARP on macOS or Windows without paying WARP +, they urge you to install sign up on this waiting list.

         Cloudflare announces that WARP, its free VPN, is coming to macOS and Windows, with Linux on the horizon