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The cases of police brutality that have occurred in the United States and other parts of the world have raised a wide debate on institutionalized racism and ways to combat it. It has also caused certain video game elements to be considered sensitive. As an example we have a case in the League of Legends scene where a Clou9 employee assured that the use of a skin is racist.

What happens is that Maebeebuzz, who is in charge of operations of Cloud9, published a tweet in which she criticized Santorin, a Danish player, for using the Captain Volibear outfit. In case you don’t know, it’s an aspect that debuted in November 2014 and which gives the character a police appearance.

“In non-Clouyd9 games I always see a police Voli skin. HELLO ESPORTS TWITEROS WHERE ARE YOU NOW? HELLO MANAGERS WHO QUICKLY JOINED HASHTAGS, ARE AFRAID TO MANAGE THEIR PLAYERS. Do we need to tag players by calling them racists? This is TOO MUCH, ”said Maebeebuzz.

The statements of the Cloud9 employee were not wasted and gave much to talk about in the competitive scene. After all, although it is a skin that refers to a sensitive subject, many consider that its use was not malicious. The above since League of Legends is in a context far removed from police brutality.

Given this, Cloud9 discussed the matter with his employee since accusations like his can get someone in trouble. Also, I assure that Maebeebuzz contacted Santorin to apologize. It is worth mentioning that Cloud9 asked the community not to attack or threaten their employee, who left her Twitter account private.

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