It is Saturday noon and the stove of the Timesburg hamburger restaurant in Barcelona fumes even though its doors are closed. They prepare food to be shared in common with other restaurants among health professionals who cure patients with coronavirus.

“Contributing with what we can at the moment makes us feel better,” one of the cooks, Vanessa, admits to AFPTV, while she spreads dozens of cheeseburger buns with mayonnaise, which she later wraps in paper and deposits in cardboard bags to your cast.

Although bars and restaurants have been closed since mid-March, when the government imposed strict containment measures to contain the epidemic, a dozen of them joined forces with delivery companies in the “Delivery for Heroes” initiative.

Every day they prepare and deliver free of charge between 200 and 300 dishes to Barcelona hospitals to encourage health professionals.

“We know that we are not the first necessity because they already have their food and catering already prepared. But we are giving that moment of excitement,” says Axel Peinado, promoter of the initiative and director of a Barcelona pizzeria.

“Maybe they have been working for 12-14 hours in a row, very intense and in a very difficult situation that we are all living. And, suddenly, their pizza, their hamburger, their sushi or their favorite burrito in town comes to them,” he continues. .

When Daniel Valls’ van parked at the gates of the Hospital Clínic, one of those that took on the most coronavirus patients in Barcelona, ​​two nurses left the premises in their white coats and their masks to collect the order.

“When you deliver the food and you see that the toilets are happy, it makes us happy and strengthens us,” says this delivery man, who is also duly protected with gloves and a mask.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, which caused more than 12,400 deaths in Spain, the second most punished country after Italy, solidarity initiatives have multiplied, especially towards health workers.