Close the place where you found the solution for everything: Yahoo! Answers | Technology

Yahoo! Answers has been with us for 15 years, but has announced that in a month it will close permanently.

The May 4, one of the best known places on the internet will be closed: Yahoo! Answers. It is not the most respected space and its function has sometimes been altered by somewhat debatable questions and answers, but is part of popular culture and has accompanied us for fifteen years.

Yahoo! Answers was born in 2005 as a space in which a question could be published and anyone was free to answer it. The problem was that the answers did not always come from knowledgeable people. This aspect, added to has not adapted to the times, has been key in the slow and long decline suffered.

For four years that Yahoo! Answers is part of the Verizon Media Group after a purchase that totaled 5 billion dollars, according to The Verge. But this 2021 it has been announced how the gradual disappearance will be.

From next April 20 no new publications will be accepted, so if you have something else to share on the platform, you better hurry. But On May 4, the site will be closed and the questions and answers will no longer be available for consultation that have been published during these 15 years.

In case you have a profile and want download the content you have published, you can do it until June 30. As reported, it will be possible with “all user-generated content, including your question list, questions, answer list, answers, and any images.” Third-party content will not be available.

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The reason for the closure does not surprise anyone and the company simply explains that “has become less popular over the years. There is less and less interaction, also a consequence of the rise of social networks, and it has stopped being profitable.

It is inevitable that with this announcement some of the ridiculous memes or questions and answers that have been viralized come to mind, but I’m sure that during the 15 years that the page has been active it has been of some help.