An end to one of the platforms that concentrated the most pirate traffic on the Internet. Megadede has announced its closure and with its end it is over one of the possibilities available to millions of users to view both series and movies without having to pay for those contents. In addition, this generates a fight from the rest of the portals, which will seek a way to attract the attention of this « orphan » public.


Through a statement on his Twitter profile, Megadede has announced the end of his journey: « The members of the team we are forced to announce that, in less than a week, Megadede will come to an end« They explained. » We hope you have enjoyed this time with us and take the opportunity to download your lists. Thanks for everything ».

The reason that led the Megadede team to close the platform is unknown, although, as they indicate, « they have been forced. » They do not set an exact closing date either, so they encourage all their users to stock up as soon as possible so that they do not find the page closed at the moment they want to access. Without a doubt, the loss of Megadede it’s a blow to piracy at a time when legal platforms are gaining traction and settling in our country.

Is there a possibility that it will be reborn reconverted?

It is not the first closure of a pirate platform far from it. The birth of Megadede dates back to 2018, when the creators bought the PlusDede database after its closure, so that the users of the latter could easily access the new portal. Previously, PlusDede came after the end of PorDede, only that, in this case, the closure of the website was due to a fight between the creators, one of them going to found PlusDede. It would not be surprising if Megadede was reborn as another brand, especially after a message on its website stating that « if someone wants to buy the domain or the project, you can send your offers. We will only answer offers that may interest us. »