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Clip company is the new mexican unicorn after receiving an investment that boosted its value to more than $ 2 billion.

The fintech raised $ 250 million in a new investment round led by SoftBank Latin American Fund and Viking Global Investors.

A new Mexican unicorn

In accordance with Adolfo Babatz, CEO and founder of Clip, the investment “will allow them to continue growing aggressively” and develop “Mexico’s operating platform for commerce.”

Clip is a company considered in the sphere of fintech founded in 2012.

It has among its investors funds and institutions such as General Atlantic, Ribbit Capital, Goldman Sachs, Banorte Y Amex Ventures.

What is a “unicorn” company?

The term “unicorn” is attributed to Aileen Lee, founder of the equity investment firm Cowboy Ventures.

Do you want to know more about companies considered unicorns?

She was the first to use it to name the technology companies that reach a value of 1,000 million dollars in some of the stages of their process to make investments or in market value.

After specifying a new investment round, Clip is the new Mexican unicorn.

In the latest investment round, Clip raised more than $ 250 million. (Art: Tec Review)

A solution to facilitate payments

Clip became popular among merchants and owners of small companies in Mexico for offering an easily accessible solution for payments with debit or credit cards.

According to its creators and clients, it is very easy to use.

You only need a smartphone or tablet compatible with the Clip application, the device and stable Wi-Fi connection.

Competitive advantages

Another attraction of Clip is the transaction fee taxed at 3.6% + VAT on each sale made.

There are no minimum billing amounts, no monthly charges. In addition, they apply the commission once the payment has been received.

Clip users can also offer their clients the option of paying up to 12 months without interest with the main banks in Mexico.

Clip devices for charge with card They have a cost from 349 to 3,599 pesos.

Other technological “unicorns”

A common feature of “unicorn” companies is the ability to leverage technology to offer utility services.

They offer new opportunities and ways of consumption to their users.

The first unicorn company in Mexico is Kavak, a digital platform specialized in buying and selling cars.

Kavak implemented a model based on the car acquisition to individuals that it reconditions in its own branches and offers for sale to the public.

mexican unicorn

Together with Kavak, the fintech Clip achieved unicorn status among Mexican startups (Photo: Clip)

Vehicles are sold with warranty, financing and after-sales service.

In may of this year Bitso, Another fintech, also conquered the category of “unicorn”, this company operates a virtual currency exchange platform.

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