Even if Kim Clijsters It does not need to maintain a status or compete for a specific objective, it is also evident that it has been one of the most affected by the break. The Belgian, who has returned to the slopes after being a mother and almost 40 years old, simply wanted and needed to compete. Accumulation of matches to feel and recognize the ups and downs of the competition. And the current situation has prevented it. In a chat with WTA, the ex-number 1 of the world does not lose the illusion to return to dress short and make sense of a return to the fields that has a beautiful goal: to be able to play the United States Open again.

– The Belgian recounted, in detail, the sensations experienced in her reunion with the competition, when she collided with the Spanish Garbiñe Muguruza on February 17.

“My first feeling after the game against Muguruza is that I felt close to winning that second set, and I felt that my level really increased. It was fun playing a game and getting those little routines back. I have seen Garbiñe, I have practiced against her in the past, but obviously I never played a game against her. They are two different things: you can see her from the outside and make comments or you can stand in front of them and feel how she is. For me, that has always been a very important factor, I can explain it better when I feel it straight on. “

– Kim admits that she expected to feel much more nervous having spent so much time.

“To my surprise, I wasn’t really that nervous. It felt great to be on track. I felt it was the right choice. I’m re-experiencing everything, because things in the past were normal and happened automatically, but I have to relearn. again.”

– The Belgian shares that beautiful feeling of recovering teamwork.

“What I like the most is the process of working for a tournament with my team. There are great moments but also difficult moments, with injuries, disappointment. But everything is in its place, because we are all together, and we accept it, we speak and we communicate. That’s something I really enjoy about it. Of course, it is a balancing act, like many parents who work and have children and try to reignite their passion. But we try to make it work, and it wouldn’t work without help and the people around me, without my team. “

– Clijsters affirms that playing the US Open, where he won three times, is one of his great challenges.

“I haven’t given up, I want to go ahead and see what I can get out of myself. From the moment I started to think about coming back I looked to prepare for that tournament, I want to be ready and give myself a chance, and see what I can do there. Every time that I go out to the Arthur Ashe Stadium is special to me. “