CLERHP: cycle change

During the months that we have been in 2021, there has been a strong increase in the number of offers, so much so that we have offered more projects than in all of 2019. This trend leads us to think that we are at the beginning of a new construction cycle. There is money and there is a desire to invest it. Macroeconomic conditions are changing and there is a strong expectation of rising inflation. Demand for homes and other buildings is very high in the Latam region and we also see strong upward pressure on the prices of raw materials such as cement and steel.

In this environment, CLERHP is a strategic supplier since, thanks to its engineering capacity and strong technological capacity, it is capable of optimizing material needs in projects by up to 25% and also has a very high production capacity. CLERHP stands out for its ability to build very quickly, which together with the savings obtained by engineering make it an ideal solution for real estate projects of all kinds in the markets where it operates and more taking into account the current situation. Undoubtedly, this change in the cycle will bring a new impetus for the company that, at the moment, is already working on the opening of the Dominican Republic market, which we hope will bring us great joys from this year on.

We continue with the development of the digital ecosystem through CLERHP Innovation Lab, which integrates all the processes from the moment the Promoter entrusts the project to an architect to the delivery to the final client of a BIM digital twin of the calculated structure, continuing with Project Management , Engineering and Construction, being able, at any time, to be viewed in Augmented Reality (AR) or in Virtual Reality (VR). The digitization of the AECO sector is essential and we are in a privileged position to lead this transformation.

I can say that at CLERHP we see ourselves as a very digital company, with a completely disruptive business model, growing at unimaginable multiples and absolutely leading the concrete engineering sector in the short term.

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