“I have always wondered if what I had experienced was serious enough to speak …”, explained journalist Clémentine Sarlat in the columns of L’Equipe in April 2020. The answer has just fallen. According to Le Parisien, three employees of the sports department of France Televisions will be made redundant and a fourth employee received a blame after an internal investigation which brought to light facts of harassment and sexist remarks against Clémentine. “These decisions were taken following the conclusions of the internal investigation carried out after a testimony made public (…) reporting facts of harassment and sexist remarks”, specified the France Televisions group. Even if the identity of the employees concerned has not been revealed, this decision gives reason to the journalist of Stade 2, who had revealed to have been the victim of moral harassment during her career within the public audiovisual group.

Mother since 2017 of a little girl named Ella (fruit of her love with former rugby player Clément Marienval), Clémentine left France Télévisions after five years of good and loyal service. The young woman had subsequently revealed to the newspaper L’Equipe the dark behind the scenes of her career in the world of sport, marked by many low blows and devious behavior. “I was going to Stage 2 crying. For the preparation of the show, nobody spoke to me. They had put me in a separate office, far from the editors,” she explained with emotion before tell: “During a duplex, I heard in the headset a man in control say: ‘Do you think she sucks too?’ It’s violent. In sports, it was much more devious, about my skills, or heavy jokes. “

In any event, justice has now been served and the journalist can be proud of having dared to speak out to denounce the behavior of which she was a victim.