Clece, a subsidiary of ACS, has purchased a manufacturing machine for surgical masks with the objective of ensuring supply for all employees of the company. In this way, Clece becomes the first company in our country to have the ability to self-sufficiency of this protection material.

It is not a trivial initiative, since during the harshest moments of the coronavirus pandemic, Clece has used around 100,000 masks per day and, therefore, and given its vital importance in the performance of its activities, currently the company you need about 60,000 masks every day.

Ability to produce 55,000 masks a day

Clece @Clece mask machine

The initiative to acquire a mask machine, they explain from the company, arose at a time when there was high shortage of masks on the market. A circumstance that led Clece to consider the possibility of making this investment in order to provide the staff with this essential protection measure to protect themselves and the people they work with.

In addition, for Clece the priority is the safety and health of its workers and users, which is why this machine is a great bet. In fact, it is capable of producing 55,000 masks a day, something that is a bulwark to protect your staff. The masks are type II surgical, comply with all regulations, have a filtration capacity of 98% and have the CE certificate of conformity.

A significant investment to guarantee supply

Clece, the first company in Spain with the ability to self-supply masksClece @Clece mask machine

For Cristóbal Valderas, president of Clece, “This investment is an important step to guarantee the supply of masks for all our employees and continue to ensure their health and safety, something that is a priority for our company.”

Also, Clece is committed to 100% Spanish production and to promoting local employment generation. For this reason, the machine is installed in Grupo Diseños NT, a Spanish company, incorporated in 2015 with 100% Spanish capital, located in the province of Alcalá la Real (Jaén), dedicated to the manufacture of nonwovens.